Laser Measurement

unique data for propeller & ship design

We are an engineering company specialized in flow field and particle measurement technologies with focus on maritime applications.

Core Competences

KED photonics GmbH in Liquidation offers measurement services for optical in-situ characterization of single and multiphase flows. This includes multidimensional flow velocity measurements and particle characterization. The focus is on maritime applications such as the optimization of propeller design processes by means of precise wake and cavitation investigations at model- and full-scale.

Full Scale measurements:

Wake Measurements

Measured flow velocities in the wake of ships of nearly any kind can be used for the validation of numerical computations and the optimization of cavitation prediction methods.

Nuclei Characterization

Determination of e.g. nuclei count concentration and void-fraction in the wake of a ship can provide important parameters for the prediction of cavitation phenomena.

Cavitation observation

cavitation observation ked photonics

Phase-resolved cavitation observations on moving underwater structures can be offered using high-speed cameras, special lenses, prisms and illumination techniques.

Other services:

Flow & Surface velocities

flow and surface velocities measurement ked photonics

Optical in-situ measurements of multidimensional velocity fields in flows and high-precision velocity and length measurement of moving surfaces are offered.

Particle Characterization

We can offer non-contact optical in-situ measurements of particle concentration, particle size distribution and particle velocity in two- and multiphase flows.

Cavitation MeasurementS

Cavitaion Research at model-scale KED Photonics

KED Photonics  GmbH in Liquidation provides techniques for quantitative characterization of cavitation parameters especially for the verification of maritime propulsion systems at model-scale.

Full-Scale Investigations

Based on several successful measurement campaigns KED Photonics  GmbH in Liquidation can reliably prepare and execute measurement services at full scale. Succussful measurements on the ConRo-Ferry „Amandine“, a bulk carrier and the RoPax-Ferry „Loch Seaforth“ provided ship designers with unexpected flow details in comparison to CFD simulations.

Precise preparation of the ship and the entire measurement campaign

Deep knowledge and expertise in executing full-scale measurements

Comprehensive data analysis and visualization

Measurements at Model-Scale

In addition to full-scale measurements, KED Photonics  GmbH in Liquidation can also provide model-scale data for wake investigations. A comparison of both can provide information for the identification of scaling effects to optimize future prognosis based on model scale approaches.

About us

As a spin-off from the University of Rostock, KED Photonics  GmbH in Liquidation has extensive experience from many research and development projects with industrial participation. Due to cooperation with shipyards, ship owners, ship operators as well as shipbuilding research institutes we can offer comprehensive solutions for measurement challenges in fluid dynamics.

Dr. Ing. André Kleinwächter


Dr. Ing. Eric Ebert