Project Planning and Ship Preparation

The planning of full-scale measurements at ships is very complex and time-consuming. The most important part is the ship preparation, starting with the planning of appropriate power supplies, the implementation of measurement lines up to the most important part the reasonable positioning of the portholes, which are mandatory for the offered optical measurement services.

Due to three successful measurement campaigns at three completely different types of ships and measurement expriences at ship model basins, KED Photonics  GmbH in Liquidation can also offer profound knowledge to plan complex measurement campaigns at full- and model-scale.

The portholes can also be ordered via KED Photonics  GmbH in Liquidation. A certified standard porthole has an outer diameter of 324 mm and a free aperture of 230 mm. Deviations, especially smaller sizes, can also be realized on request.

Ship preparation observation at the ship yard for wake measurements on a bulk carrier

Mounted Kappel Propeller at RoPax „Loch Seaforth“ on the building slip

Inserted Porthole in ships hull of „Loch Seaforth“

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