Particle characterization technology

Innovative laser techniques for particle size determination

Non-contact optical in-situ measurements of particle concentration, particle size distribution and particle velocity in two- and multiphase flows are offered.


– Diameter range: 1µm to mm

– Particle concentration: 1 per cm³ to 5000 per mm³ (depending on the dispersed phase and the marginal parameters of the problem)

– Particle velocities: 0 m/s to 300 m/s

Measurable process parameters

– Particle size distribution (e.g. diameter distribution, Sauter-Mean diameter,…)

– Concentrations (e.g. volume concentration, void fraction, particle number concentration,…)

– Rivers (volume flow, mass flow,…)

– Particle velocities

– Differentiation of disperse phases / particle classification

Used optical measurement techniques

– Phase Doppler measurement technique

– Hydrodynamic Nuclei Concentration Technique (HDNC technique)

– Shadow imaging techniques


– Spray characterization (nozzles, atomizers, coating processes)

– Bubble measurements (bubble inclusions, cavitation nucleis)

– Environmental monitoring (bubble entry, suspended matter concentration)


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