About Us

KED Photonics GmbH in Liquidation offers measurement services for optical in-situ characterization of single and multiphase flows. This includes multidimensional flow velocity measurements and particle characterization. The focus is on maritime applications on vessels and maritime large structures. For example, the propeller design process can be optimized by means of precise wake and cavitation investigations.

As a spin-off from the University of Rostock, KED has extensive experience from many research and development projects with industrial participation. Due to a close cooperation with shipyards, ship owners, ship operators and shipbuilding research institutes the always complex and extensive measurement campaigns can be planned, executed and analyzed efficiently and reliably. Triggered by challenging problems optical measuring techniques were developed and adapted.  In addition to classical measurement techniques such as particle image velocimetry, Laser-Doppler measurement technology, Phase-Doppler measurement technology or imaging measurement techniques, customer-specific measurement solutions can also be offered.

Measurements in large scale cavitation tunnels and towing tanks or the characterization of atomization processes and bubble flows are also included in the scope of application.