Full-Scale Cavitation Observation

KED offers phase-resolved cavitation observations of rotating underwater structures. For example, the tip vortex dynamics or the blade-dependent sheet cavitation can be recorded. The construction and location of the optical accesses determine the observation range. In principle, cavitation phenomena on the propeller suction and pressure side can be recorded. By using high-speed cameras, special lenses and illumination techniques, high-quality observations are also possible without ambient light.

Leading Edge Cavitation Inception

Cavitation Observation Propeller Pressure Side

Typical parameters for the detection of cavitation at full scale:

Measuring distance:

– Up to approx. 8 m under water

– Depending on the design of the optical accesses, category of ship and the water quality


– Phase resolved measurements

– Continuous focus adjustment

– High-speed measurements up to 6000 frames per second at 1 MPixel resolution

– Resolution: e.g. 0.2 mm / measuring distance 3 m


– Porthole as an optical access in ship’s hull

Based on our experience, we can also competently support you in the planning and implementation of optical access for measurement technology.

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