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Services and support

KED Photonics GmbH in Liquidation offers measurement services in the field of optical flow and particle measurement technology. Based on many years of experience and cooperation with shipyards, ship owners, ship operators, shipbuilding research institutes and research institutes, very complex and extensive measurement campaigns, especially in the maritime sector, can be efficiently and individually designed and reliably prepared and implemented. For optical measurements on ships the installation of certified portholes is usually necessary. KED Photonics GmbH in Liquidation can provide comprehensive support in procurement as well as in planning and implementation of the installation.

In addition to full-scale measurements, KED Photonics GmbH in Liquidation also has extensive experience in flow characterization, particle measurement and velocity measurement for single- and multi-phase flows. Applications range from measurements in large scale cavitation channels and drag channels to the characterization of atomization processes and bubble flows.


The services offered require optical access to the process. Especially for maritime applications KED Photonics GmbH in Liquidation offers certified portholes for underwater use. The standard size is 324 mm outer diameter and has a free field of view of 230 mm. Other sizes, especially smaller optical entrances, are available on request.

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